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Aqua WCS system - Best Cooling for ASIC 2020

Today we take a look at the revolutionary water cooling system for ASICs and video cards.

Still remember Bitmain’s attempt to make a water-cooled ASIC without the noise of the S9 Hydra? Just imagine — the future has come, and in 2020 you can already put this system on all new items in the world of mining!
We are introducing a Global Product — The Revolution, the best cooling system ever imagined. Let’s take a closer look at it and compare it with its competitors.
Nowadays, mining has long gone beyond the usual clandestine bitcoin mining, and has turned into a whole industry that covers both solar panels and heating houses using heat removal.

Energy saving and environmental protection are gaining momentum every year, and it’s great that people are starting to think about it more and more!
Aqua SVO will help you save energy and money by dissipating heat to the system you need — heating a house, warm floor, boiler, or removing heat using a radiator to any place where you need heating.

Everything is learned in comparison, so we will compare 2 systems — Aqua SVO and Baths with immersion cooling:

In turn, any miner looks at the cost of $ of the entire system, and this is usually the decisive factor — we will start with him.
The price of a bath in our time is usually 30% of the price of an ASIC, if we are talking about a new product from Bitmain / Innosilicon.
You must take into account the cost of a liter per mineral to use (it is important to take high-quality oil, so as not to harm the boards). Energy costs will increase by 25% of what the ASICs themselves consume. Adding these amounts to the calculation of the payback sometimes gives the impression that the ASIC will pay off forever ..
This option is usually suitable for big day centers, which helps to reduce energy costs, not for home miners.

✅ Our solution comes at a fixed price for each ASIC — and the advantage is that the more ASICs you connect to the system, the more profitable the purchase will be.

Control board, power supply and other parts of the ASIC. Being in mineral oil — if you need to quickly remove the ASIC, replace it in it, or replace it — you need 3 days for the ASIC to dry out and not «flood» everything around with an immersion.

✅ Our solution does not impede access to all parts of the ASIC, and moreover, you can put it in your bedroom! Asik will always be safe under your supervision, and the heat will be removed to the place you need. street like an air conditioner!

Other cons. Liquid Filtration — Any immersion bath should be filtered to avoid sediment and contamination inside the tank. When replacing the power cable, cooler, or any other part, you run the risk of spilling mineral oil; whoever used this solution knows that it is difficult to scrub it off any surface, and this greatly complicates the process with the help of the device. It is also worth remembering that you will not be able to position the bath high.

Our solution allows you to always keep the place where the ASICs are clean, to have quick access to it, all cooling takes place in the plates protected on the chips of the device, and the coolers are switched on by 1%, which makes the ASIC almost completely silent.

Briefly about the main thing:

Due to effective cooling, you can increase the hash rate of your ASIC by 20-30%
Chips and boards will not heat up which will increase the life of your ASIC
The absence of noise allows you to put Asik in any place convenient for you in the apartment or house
Connecting pipes with any liquid to your heating system, floor or boiler, or removing heat to the street (without corrugation and other ineffective options).
No dust during operation of the ASIC, the cooler is turned off * which eliminates the problems of air cooling and contamination of the boards.

A few technical specifications for colleagues and those who understand the installation of heating:

Pump capacity 9 L / min
The lifting height of the liquid is 5 meters (if you need a higher height, we put a more efficient pump)
The inner diameter of the pipe should be no less than 10 mm (Standard heating pipe is 15-80mm as standard)

A standard pump is enough for heating an apartment or floor up to 70 sq.m.

Our System is already in the homes of Ukrainians and helps to save energy for miners. We wanted to make an eco-friendly product that would use a minimum of resources with maximum return — and we did it!

For any questions, call our managers, or come to our office — we will make your mining profitable and increase the life of your ASICs for years.

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